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Unveiling a Transformed Gem: Sirius M Residence Reconstruction & Renovation (Los Angeles, Miami, Sochi & Worldwide)

We're thrilled to showcase the stunning results of our recent architectural design reconstruction and renovation project, Sirius M Residence! This project exemplifies our expertise in breathing new life into existing structures, maximizing their potential while preserving their unique character.

From planned hotel to luxurious private residence:

Initially, the building was planned as a hotel for tourists who visit our resort town. We received a ready-made building frame, which was carefully studied by construction experts.


A Vision Realized:

The transformation of Sirius M Residence is truly remarkable! Now it would be a residence with a swimming pool overlooking the Olympic Park of the Sochi and the Black sea. We have developed architectural solutions with a complete change in layout. The new version of the cottage has areas for service personnel, several living rooms on the first and third floors, a spa area and an elevator.

Sirius M Residence is a testament to our comprehensive approach to reconstruction and renovation. Looking to Breathe New Life into Your Space? We offer an architectural design project for you.

Whether you're located in Los Angeles, Miami, Sochi or anywhere else worldwide, our team of experienced architects and designers is here to help. We specialize in transforming existing structures into spaces that meet your unique needs and exceed your expectations.

Contact us today for a consultation!

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